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Kenai Information

Kenai is located in the far northwest part of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, where the world prominent Kenai River meets Cook Inlet. This beautiful city is bordered by glorious scenery and wildlife. Kenai’s history, ideal location, natural recreation, and strong economic opportunities have proven the city as the heart of Alaskan adventure, providing something for everyone.

Recreational Facilities

Recreational opportunities abound in Kenai all-year-round for all ages to enjoy and relax. On the city’s Kenai River, you can utilize a commercial dock with a boat launch. The amenities are operated by the commercial fishing fleet and private boaters for the entryway to Cook Inlet and the Kenai River. The city has a senior center and community library that serves its residents and also its neighboring communities, and you can find these fun places to go to in

The Recreation Center of Kenai city offers activities that are program-based and walk-ins are accepted that feature sports facilities, skate park, playgrounds, golf courses, walking & Nordic ski trails, bird viewing platform, boardwalks, and spotting scopes. You can easily find these exciting opportunities and more in


The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District serves the city of Kenai. It has three traditional schools, one alternative high school, and two charter schools. There’s also a connections home school program, Soldotna Montessori charter school, and a two year community college that provides degree courses at the Kenai Peninsula College. To get more details by contacting these schools, you can go to

Economy of Kenai

The City of Kenai is central to the Kenai Peninsula. Employment opportunities can be found in an extensive array of industries, making it one of the most dynamic economies in Alaska. Kenai boasts a diverse and quickly expanding core business area with economic development zones. The key drivers of the city’s local economy include; oil & gas exploration and development, tourism, commercial fishing, world-renowned sport fishing, transportation, commercial retail, medical, education, and other professional services. You can find these businesses in

Kenai aims to maintain a low-rate taxing structure while providing excellent services. With lower taxes per capita and low-cost housing opportunities than most cities, the city gives families more opportunities to flourish. This economic diversity has shielded the community from the kind of uncertainty that affects other cities in the country.

Businesses and Infrastructures

Kenai has an entrepreneurial spirit that gives birth to hundreds of small businesses. The city has multiple grocery stores, shopping districts, and convenient accessibility to other cities. The biggest industries of Kenai are the oil, natural gas, commercial fishing and tourism industries. The city also has the largest and busiest airport on the Kenai Peninsula, and you can find these businesses located specifically in the city in


Kenai is a spectacular coastal town with sandy beaches, pristine views of Mount Redoubt, and accessibility to the best sights in Alaska. It is renowned for its sport fishing, hiking and biking activities, and cultural attractions. Kenai provides all that a traveler comes to expect from The Last Frontier, with a lot of ways to wander in all the areas of Kenai Peninsula, exciting adventure is never more than a short distance away and you find these amazing opportunities to visit in

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